“I cut a hole in my roof the shape of a heart”

— Tom Waits

Jesse G. A. Jones

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I was born on London England, to an Actress mum and a Director dad. We migrated to Brooklyn, New York in 1979.

Summers vacations were spent back in England, cementing my English accent and growing  fascination with both English and American subcultures (punk, graffiti, tattoos, and skateboarding).

I went to my first all ages hardcore matinee show at CBGBs when I was 15, it was life changing seeing kids only a little older than myself playing music, booking shows and releasing records. 

After a year back in England, I returned to Brooklyn to study Fine Arts and Art Education at Pratt, and graduated with Honors.

I joined my friends’ hardcore punk band Yuppicide while at Pratt, We played for 9 years, took a break for 15 and played for another 4. We released 5 albums and toured Europe multiple times. It was so much fun and showed me what was possible to do with dedication, luck and support.

I went to graduate school and got an MFA from Hunter College.

I am Graphic Designer and Art Director, and I’m currently freelancing living in Brooktondale, New York (just outside Ithaca).


My work is inspired by ;  the invisible line that separates the ideas of pretty and ugly; misprinted printed comics; graffiti; tattoos; punk and Japanese Kawaii (creepy cute).

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You can get in touch with me using at Jesse@JesseJones.design

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